choosing loving kindness

a weeklong exploration of love

with catherine demarin

May 1st – May 8th
A Weeklong Online Series on Your Heart Life

Join us on this journey of the heart. In Choosing Loving Kindness, the seven day metta meditation series, we’ll develop our capacity to love. We’ll start by strengthening love for ourselves, then see how we can bring this love into relationships, and finally into an open-hearted attitude towards life.
Love is an inner resource we can grow. Starting the day with loving kindness can help you to recognize the goodness of others and the beauty in the world. It can help you to resource yourself during challenging or difficult times in your life. Catherine will guide a 20 minute class which includes a short talk and guided meditation focusing on the different dimensions of love.
The classes will be recorded live at 7 AM PST. You are welcome to go at your own pace. You can revisit class recordings in our archive to review the instructions.  Our hope is that this will help you offer loving presence to yourself and to the relationships in your life.

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