Hello everyone!

My very best to you all during this season. It often happens for me that the events that take place around family, friendships and holidays pull me off my routines and I notice that I end up moving into the new year feeling off my game, and not as easeful as I’d like to be.
That made me think about how if December tends to feature these impacts I do have my yoga practice to help me return to a state of balance. Then I thought: Well if that is something I am returning to, perhaps Your Heart Life Community might want some extra tools to find balance as well! Hence “Seasonal Soothers” -a couple short classes that could soothe or energize you, depending on what you need on a particular day this month.
My hope is that you keep accessing your yoga practice to find your balance and presence through your celebrations.
Happy New Year Your Heart Life peeps! I hope to see you at Accessible Yoga in the new year!
Warmly, Colleen

Introduction Video

Focused Energy

Rest and Digest