Take a sip of simmer down with this soothing pranayama! Sitali is a wonderful cooling breath practice that brings in moist air, and releases heat from both the body and mind. Perfect for when you are feeling stressed, having hot flashes, or feeling like having a temper tantrum!

  1. Sit comfortably and enjoy a few minutes of relaxed breathing
  2. Purse the lips and poke your tongue out, lifting the edges of your tongue like a curled leaf (taco tongue)
  3. Inhale and draw a breath in like you are sipping through a straw
  4. Close your mount and exhale through your nose, feeling the release of heat
  5. Repeat this calming, cooling breath for as long as desired 

*If you prefer, you can practice Sitali by shaping your lips into an ‘O’ without curling your tongue

Watch the video above to give Sitali a try for yourself!